our story

Eugenia Chan is a line of Modern Statement jewelry thoughtfully designed and diligently artisan hand made in Toronto, ON and Hong Kong.

Designing and creating came as a source of creative freedom coming from a place of looking inward and constantly reflecting on life and what life has to teach you. Jewelry is nothing without You. You are the last ingredient. Acting as vessels of meaning, jewelry is the language for your stories from places of joy, Love, hurt, wander, loss - a completely endless purveyor of meaning.

Each piece is individually and diligently handcrafted from start to finish in my studio, created for the modern woman and soon gender neutral! Our philosophy is to minimize over production so each piece is made to order. This ensures every piece made has a home and new journey to take. Our hope is that each piece acts as the embodiment of a modern heirloom to carry you through all your life journeys and changing styles.

People, places, life lessons constantly inspire me to create. It can come from a story, a life lesson, a connection, it always comes full circle, there is truly no me without you. This is where all collections begin.